Iris Technology partners with the United States Department of Defense (DOD) and some of the world’s leading aerospace and defense contractors to deliver advanced technology products. The primary focus of our efforts is providing high reliability, high performance, radiation hard space electronics for a fraction of the cost relative to traditional space hardware providers. Our experience includes the following core areas:

  • Cryocooler control electronics - Iris Cryocooler Electronics (ICE)
  • Digital focal plane control and image analysis
  • Low cost, radiation hard control electronics
  • Advanced thermal management techniques
  • Ordnance and fire control
  • On-orbit, reprogrammable waveform generator technology
By combining industry-leading expertise with a streamlined organizational structure, we are capable of adapting quickly to the ever-changing requirements of both the request for proposal (RFP) process and the project phase. It is this vital combination of reliability, creativity and innovation that has paved the way for Iris to deliver one-of-a-kind technologies on time and on budget.

Iris Cryocooler Electronics (ICE)

Iris has developed Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 designs that are immediately available for purchase, namely the Low Cost Cryocooler Electronics (LCCE). LCCE would run virtually any linear style cryocooler (Stirling or pulse tube) requiring nominally 100W of input power, and it has been shown to be adaptable to running turbo Brayton cryocoolers, as well. Other ICE products, including the mini LCCE for microsats and the Modular Advanced Cryocooler Electronics (MACE) for refrigeration down to 10K, are at various stages of development.

For more information please see our ICE Product Line Summary Table.

Digital Focal Plane Electronics

The Iris Technology HS2C is a fully reconfigurable focal plane controller and data manipulation platform.
Designed to interface with and debug digital focal plane arrays, the Virtex5 based controller can process up to 16 channels of 1.6 Gbps SERDES data.

For more information,
please see our HS2C Product Brochure.


Iris Technology is first and foremost a product company. The objective of each of our Aerospace Programs is to deliver a world class product that meets a critical need of our Customer. On occasion, Iris Technology will accept an Engineering Services contract, particularly if the technical content is synergistic with our core products and/or the mutual expectation is that the Engineering Services work will lead to a hardware production opportunity.

Should such support be of interest, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs.

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