Marines thrive in employing renewable energy, saving lives


By Sgt. Michael S. Cifuentes, Headquarters Marine Corps
March 2011

The U.S. Marines are strengthening their combat effectiveness, not by acquiring new weaponry or implementing different training, but by using renewable energy on the battlefield. WASHINGTON — The Expeditionary Energy Office took the lead for this initiative by developing a plan set to reduce fossil fuel consumption by 50 percent by the beginning of 2025.

“Our ethos demands that we increase the efficiency of our gear and the use of renewable energy, so we maintain that leadership as modern-day Spartans,” said Col. Bob Charette, director of the Expeditionary Energy Office, or E20.

Marines deployed to the forward edge of the combat zone are reliant on the fuel, water and other expendable energy sources that are provided to them by combat support elements, and that reliance comes with a cost. A study conducted by the Marine Corps Combat Development Command found that for every 50 convoys in Afghanistan one Marine is either wounded or killed. Reducing the need for logistics simply means saving lives.

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