Iris Technology develops and manufactures radiation hard control electronics for a wide range of aerospace applications, including cryocooler drives, infrared imaging, battery recharging and payload thermal controls, among others. Strong collaboration with government entities that include US Air Force Research Laboratories and NASA, and with prime contractors such as JPL, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin are the foundation of our work in this area.

High TRL solutions are presently available for Cryocooler Control Electronics spanning from 25W to 800W drive power.

Iris Technology has closed the gap with modular, plug and play solutions.

The Microsat Cryocooler System (MCS) and Cubesat Cryocooler System (CCS) are radiation-hard, space-qualified integrated cryocooler assemblies (ICA) for miniature satellite platforms. The MCS and CCS have been developed on AFRL and NASA SBIRs, respectively, and are comprised of a high-reliability miniature cryocooler, a set of miniature Low Cost Control Electronics (mLCCE), and supporting thermal management components.