Control where you need it. Dynamic solutions tailored to meet varying mission requirements.

Iris Technology develops and manufactures radiation hard control electronics for wide-ranging aerospace applications, including cryocooler drives, infrared imaging, battery recharging and payload thermal controls. Strong collaboration with government entities such as the US Air Force Research Laboratories and NASA, and prime contractors JPL, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin are the foundation of our work in this area.

The flexible FPGA based architecture make unique solutions available in a high TRL system through code modification. The Iris Control Electronics are also available in Tactical configurations for applications where the expense of a space qualified solution is not necessary.

Breaking the paradigm of point-design solutions, Iris Technology developed a complete suite of “plug and play” control electronics originally architected to support both traditional long-life space and tactical cryocoolers, but whose functionality serves a variety of additional control subsystems found on satellites.

Iris Control Electronics (ICE) support an incredibly wide range of technologies and power levels with applicability spanning from CubeSats and microsatellites, all the way to deep space astronomy. These high efficiency control units are fully radiation hard, yet affordable for even the most cost-constrained missions.