MAHPS Set UpThe US military burns an average of 12.6 million gallons of fossil fuel per day. The transportation of fuel supplies where they are needed is a massive logistical challenge and in combat situations, fuel convoys are vulnerable and prized targets for attack, exponentially increasing the risk to personnel and operations.

To compound the problem, fuel-powered generators are highly inefficient and require a variety of different fuels to safely operate.

Iris Technology’s Mobile Forward Operating Base (FOB) Power System integrates high-output portable solar panels and robust lithium ion batteries with the ubiquitous Tactical Quiet Generator to provide reliable power without the constant need for fuel resupply.

Mobile FOB Power optimizes the efficiency of the generator itself and automatically matches the power to what’s needed, reducing energy waste.

The system is rugged, plug-and-play, highly scalable, and the individual components are light enough to be transported in the back of a HMMWV, or carried by two men.

The system features an advanced, field-tested and highly reliable on-board computer with an intuitive user-interface that maximizes output efficiency. FOB Power Systems reduce reliance on fossil fuel resupply, and extend the power capacity for mission-critical FOB electronics and components.