Merlin-Handheld CSEL
Radio Power Adapter
(Merlin-HH CSEL)

The Merlin-Handheld CSEL Radio Power Adapter™ is a solar power adapter slice for the Boeing Combat Survivor Evader Locator Radio (CSEL). The Merlin-Handheld CSEL interfaces with both the radio and battery and accepts solar power to maximize runtime during extended CSAR missions.

Its primary functions are to power the attached radio, charge the attached battery, and supply auxiliary output power. What makes the Merlin-Handheld CSEL RPA unique is that its the ONLY tactical, integrated solar power adapter for the CSEL radio system.

The unit configures automatically to inputs and outputs and requires no controls. Maximum Peak Power Tracking algorithms efficiently convert power from solar panels to support the load and/or charge batteries for power storage.

The CSEL power adapter is compact and rugged, allowing the radio system and connected devices to be used in all conditions and environments.

Its small form factor allows it to fit into a pilot’s survival vest (RPA and solar panel). Ejection seat kit options are also available. The Merlin-Handheld CSEL radio power adapter is also the only product in its form factor that can also provide export power capability to power peripheral devices.

  • Merlin-handheld RPA for CSEL


  • Extend your radio runtime
  • Recharge on the move with solar power