Radio Power Adapter
(Merlin-HH RPA)

The Merlin-Handheld Radio Power Adapter is an Uninterruptible DC Power slice for handheld radios and other compatible equipment. The Merlin-Handheld interfaces with both the radio and battery and receives input from a variety of AC and DC power sources. Its primary functions are to power the attached radio or compatible device.

What sets the Merlin-Handheld apart is the capability to export power to run application-specific equipment such as end user devices and other peripheral gear, all while charging the battery. It serves as an Uninterrupted Power Source to the radio and can also operate in a battery eliminator configuration.

The Merlin-Handheld RPA™ boasts a hot-swap feature which allows battery change-out and maintenance without load interruption. It configures automatically to inputs and outputs and requires no controls. LED indicators display the status of input power, state of charge, battery charging, battery health and auxiliary devices. Maximum Peak Power Tracking algorithms efficiently convert power from solar panels to the DC output and/or charge batteries for power storage.

The Merlin-Handheld RPA is compact and rugged, allowing the radio system and connected devices to be used in all conditions and environments. Compared to other handheld device battery eliminators or power adapters, the Merlin-Handheld RPA offers more power handling capability and the unique ability to export power to peripheral devices.

Module color is available in tan, green and black.


  • Keep your radio and end user device powered
  • Efficient solar charging capability
  • Ruggedized and compact
  • Auto configuration to inputs/outputs with no controls required