Harnessing the sun as an unlimited energy source.

Solar Component Power is an innovative series of mobile power collection and distribution components that charge batteries, and operate communications and electronic equipment in tactical and remote environments.

Iris Technology has delivered over seven thousand remote, self-contained man-portable power systems to the Department of Defense through May 2015.

The power module receives power from lightweight, flexible solar panels and/or batteries, fuel cells or commercial and NATO vehicles. The module allows the Operator to charge various batteries and distribute power to tactical electronic equipment. Additional components can expand the uses of the system.

Field Proven

Iris Technology’s Solar Component Power Systems have been deployed with great success into tactical situations around the world, including Afghanistan and Iraq. The United States Marine Corps’ elite Force Recon units rely on our systems for power resupply for radios and tactical electronic equipment in the most remote and hostile combat environments in the world.

Mobile, Lightweight, and Rugged

The power module weighs only 2.6 pounds and at 8x8x1.6 inches, takes up relatively little space. The kit is self-contained in a water-proof/shock-proof case. The system is plug-and-play and can be set up and in use in less than a minute.

Versatile Power – Combat Ready

The power system converts solar and other available sources to power 12/24 VDC accessories, and supports mixed battery chemistries and mixed state-of-charge with up to 600W output.

Power Anywhere

The uninterruptible power management and distribution system delivers power where and when you need it. Designed for military environments, the system comes with a 2-year standard warranty.