Sparking Innovation Daily

Iris Technology has developed mission-critical components and solutions with
strategic aerospace and defense industry partners since 1986.

We are responsive, agile, and meet difficult challenges while delivering what our partners need, when they need it.

We understand that in the vital situations, failure is not an option. Our team of highly qualified physicists, engineers and project managers will work with you to discover and fabricate individualized solutions.

Our Values


We are committed to earning the trust of every warfighter, strategic partner and client we serve.  We pledge to be accurate, straightforward and honest in all circumstances.

We know that honoring our commitments means our partners can honor theirs.


Iris Technology relies on teamwork, innovation, responsiveness, and a strong commitment to excellence.  Our goal is perfection, but if we fall short, we understand there are no excuses.

When problems do arise, we pledge to stay on task until a solution is found.


Our team is driven to provide the most innovative and reliable technologies. We are passionate about supporting our warfighters and strategic partners to help enhance national security.

The stakes are high, and we hold our work as a sacred duty to all who rely on us.


We collaborate with the most exacting defense and aerospace contractors, and deliver innovative technologies in a wide variety of applications around the world.

Whatever the challenge, we meet it with experience, ingenuity and perseverance.