Merlin-2 Tactical Power Manager

(Merlin-2 Dual Battery Charger)

The Merlin-2™ receives input from a variety of AC and DC power sources. Its primary function is to manage power inputs and installed energy storage to run application-specific equipment, laptops and other accessories.

The Merlin-2™ Tactical Power Manager also integrates with BX-XX90 batteries contained within the battery box. If BB-2590 or BB-390 batteries are used, it provides efficient battery charging, and also serves as an Uninterrupted Power Source (UPS) for connected equipment. It also manages power to the DC output port when batteries are not available.

The hot-swap feature allows battery change-out and maintenance without load interruption. It configures automatically and requires no controls. LED indicators display the status of input power, state of charge, battery charging, battery health and output power availability. Peak Power Tracking algorithms efficiently convert power from solar panels to support the load and/or charge batteries for power storage.

The Merlin-2™ Tactical Power Manager is compact and rugged, allowing the system to be used in all conditions and environments. It does not compromise the environmental integrity of the batteries or attached loads.

Standard module color is tan. Units are also available in green and black.


  • Compact and Rugged
  • Hot-Swap Feature
  • LED Indicators