US Army Asymmetric Warfare Group: Project Silent Watch

Advanced Silent Watch hybrid power solutions, independent of vehicle or generator power.


Design and outfit AWG with a power delivery platform enabling advanced Silent Watch capabilities. Enable the training unit to operate EW, SIGINT, Communications, and CUAS capabilities from a mounted platform without an audible signature.


Iris Technology developed and provided a solar rechargeable, methanol fuel cell power solution that provides 125 watts of steady state DC power, silently, and independently of any generator or vehicle. When integrated with Solar technology (SPACES), the power can be intensified to a level of 500 watts during daylight hours. Silent Watch provides an enhanced power management man portable solution for use in OEs where sustainment and lodging are not guaranteed.


Throughout the 96 hour event the unit only used 25% of the battery capacity. The Silent Watch vehicle was never found by the OPFOR using counter SIGINT / EW capabilities.

Silent Watch integration MRZR

96 hours outside the wire, 75% of the battery capacity still available, and no hint of detection by the Enemy. We’re more than impressed.


  • Smart charge controller (Iris Technology SPACES unit)
  • Fuel cell
  • Solar recharging capability
  • System integration onto vehicle platform


  • Man portable
  • Stores power
  • Regenerates power through: SOLAR, GENERATOR, VEHICLE, SHORE POWER
  • Delivers power to: Mission Command Systems, Communications, EW / SIGINT, CUAS Radar, FLIR Optics
  • Integrated with ANY MIL-STD cable to power almost any capability
  • Charge configuration for lithium and lead acid batteries
  • NATO / GSA compliant, ITAR compliant
  • Fuel cartridges approved for air transport
  • 12 / 24 Volt compatible
  • Weight – 59 lbs. operational


  • Air drop capability assessment for mission command during tactical airfield seizure
  • Supporting Convoy operations on long haul movements
  • Powering UAS / Counter UAS capabilities in austere environments
  • Supporting lodgment of FIRES and heavy artillery
  • Powering unique EW / SIGINT capabilities in field environments
  • Sustain CYBER readiness continuous monitoring
  • Power C5I vehicle mounted and standalone systems

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